These One-Of-A-Kind Clocks Are Made From Old Bike Parts

ReCycle Clocks are bringing your custom chopper pipe dream a notch closer to reality. A one-of-a-kind anything is hard to come by in the Age of Ikea, but these timekeepers made from recycled motorcycle and bike parts are all vintage, handcrafted, and the exact definition of unique

ReCycle clocks are handmade by artist and motorcycle instructor Michole Madden, who hunts for scrap metal and rogue parts at bike shops, then swings by thrift stores for vintage clock backings. She pieces the clocks together one by one (not entirely unlike choosing the specs of your custom Ducati), and with the addition of hands and a battery, old bike parts spin their wheels again.

The finished products range from gritty to polished, so there's something for every taste. And since they're all one-offs, these specific examples are only available on Supercompressor. Shop swiftly.