Check Out This Ridiculously Creative Packaging

Just because the Internet killed the need for awesomely creative and interactive packaging doesn't mean brands have to give in to sterile, boring, and utilitarian (and responsible?) options like "Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging." Though you're probably going to toss that cardboard and plastic bundle in the trash can anyway, it's still nice to get a solid half-smile or maybe even a "hah!" from your products' design. Here's some clever packaging that made us chuckle.

Every earbud company in America must have been kicking themselves after Noté nabbed this low hanging fruit.

All of these either make you chuckle or incredibly frustrated that you didn't think of this yourself.

This design is meant to expose and shame people who load up on the microwavable pizzas instead of the healthy stuff.

Smirnoff managed to describe their flavored vodkas in a universal language.

We thought it was steel wool at first, but apparently this is actually a Japanese cookie.

A design student managed to make the packaging do double duty as instructions for this cereal.

We hope the mayo isn't as tasteless as its packaging.

This packaging makes people very tense.

Ford's got the right idea turning their matchsticks into lumber in a truck bed.

This reminds you that the bread is a recipe from the old country.

These tea hangers are actually functional; they hang off the side of the mug.

We have no idea how this is possible, but it is.

This is a less terrifying way to do honey. Shapes are more soothing than bees, which are zero percent soothing.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He hates bees but still tweets @ewolffmann.