Ringo Starr's Baller British Estate Just Hit The Market

Ringo Starr is not the most popular Beatle. Hell, he's barely even the fourth most popular Beatle. But he has Beatles money and a portfolio of homes—one of which could be yours.

His sprawling rural UK estate, complete with stunning walled-in gardens, an indoor pool, and a helipad, was recently listed, and it's rumored to be in the $24 million range. You have to see this place.

Roughly 50 miles outside London in Surrey, the estate—dubbed Rydinghurst by those in the know—sits on 200 idyllic, lake-filled acres and has been extensively renovated since Starr and his wife (former Bond girl Barbara Bach) bought the place in 1999. 

The main home dates back to the 1600s and has eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and comes in at a whopping 18,300 square feet. That's plenty of space to accommodate anyone who decides to drop in, though if you'd rather have some privacy, give 'em the keys to the guest house.

Frankly, it's the size of most normal sized homes in the country.

There's plenty of room to entertain, considering there are six not-at-all superfluous "reception rooms," including the colorfully appointed one above.

And this one. Note the drumset in back, and the Fab Four cutouts propped up dangerously close to the walk-in fireplace. Oh, right, meant to tell you that: there's a walk-in fireplace.

A Beatle-worthy indoor pool and spa wouldn't be complete without a lofted ceiling decked out in a painted night sky, complete with swaths of twinkling light-up "stars."

If you've got a stable of horses that need a place to kick it, you're in luck. There are indoor and outdoor paddocks to keep the equestrian set happy.

Unless you have the time to devote half of your week to cutting the lawn, you'll need to hire someone willing to keep it in shape.

You'll also need them to maintain the extensive and elaborate walled-in gardens. 

Considering that you'll need a rock star bank account of your own to even think about affording this place, odds are domestic help is already in your budget.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His best Ringo memories are from Shining Time Station.