The 'Room In A Box' Contains An Entire Suite Of Cardboard Furniture

Published On 06/02/2015 Published On 06/02/2015
room in a box
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Furnishing a new place after moving in is exhausting and expensive, especially if you're not sure how long you'll be sticking around. Now you can make the entire process a whole lot easier on yourself thanks to The Room In A Box, which comes stuffed with a bedroom's worth of flat-packed furniture inside a rolling box you can easily carry up the stairs all by yourself. 

Our Paper Life

From a company that's been making solid and sturdy cardboard furniture for years, this new system comes with everything a nomadic city-dweller would need to set up a proper bedroom, including a bed frame, desk, customizable shelves, chair, and storage, all of which are durable and water-resistant.

The best part? The entire $150 collection can be set up in less than 30 minutes with only a little elbow grease, no glue or tools required.

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