This Country Home Sheds Its Walls At The Push Of A Button

It you've ever wished you could sit in the sun without leaving the house, feast your eyes on this remarkably clever English home, which slides out from behind its barn-like facade on command to reveal an all-glass skeleton. Suck it, Vitamin D deficiency!

The 2,100-square-foot Suffolk home passes for a pretty standard modern A-frame barn until its owners crank up the motor that retracts the 20-ton facade via recessed railroad tracks. It instantly changes the views both inside and out, and was conceived as a way to both grow food and better enjoy the rural vistas during all four seasons.

The set up allows for the walls to be moved any length along the glass interior. When moved all the way back, the walls transform the courtyard in between the garage and main residence into a workshop-sized enclosure. And when it's thrust in the other direction, the overhanging section transforms into an on-demand shelter above the patio, so the owners can kick back, relax, and BBQ even when it's raining. This is some fair-weather architecture at its absolute finest.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would most definitely sync the moving facade with his alarm clock.