This River Cruising Houseboat Is Actually A Hotel Room

Have you ever wished you could take a vacation on a floating hotel unit you could drift 'round the lake or downriver? No? Well someone at Salt & Water did, and they created the Floating Hotel so you can have all kinds of inland water adventures on your next vacation. 

The Floating Hotel has a central fixed hub for a home base, which includes what you'd typically find in a hotel—reception, a restaurant, an event hall, offices for staff, and a café.

Unlike the endless halls of the hotels you're used to, the Floating Hotel's main hub has gangplanks leading to the catamaran-style floating units. 

Each unit has a modern salon, galley, bathroom, hall with storage space, and a lofted sleeping area above the salon. The main draw is the large window configuration at the front of the apartment/vessel, through which passengers/guests can check out beautiful views of the nature around them, mid-cruise. 

It looks like the Floating Hotel is nothing more than a concept for now, but once it becomes a reality, we'll be first in line to spend a night on the water. 

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