Does Your Houseboat Have A Sauna? This One Does.

Houseboats are cool no matter what, but these Finns have tricked out their aquatic mobile home in classic Scandi fashion—with a sauna.

Captain's chair up top, sauna below.

Three levels and the floor—just like Kramer's apartment—give 10-15 people room to get sweaty.

Ladders up to the top.

The sauna doesn't share a door with the rest of the interior, so if it's cold, you gotta brave the elements to earn that heat—like it should be.

It has a warm shower as well, and can sleep five people comfortably.

There's a barbecue under the turret up on the terrace.

The upper terrace doesn't have a plank to walk, so you gotta jump. It's 19 feet high.

Hammocks all around.

Even if it didn't have a sauna, living on this thing would be, well, living the dream.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He lives on a houseboat in the middle of New York City. On land.