Wake Up With James Bond's Silent Alarm Clock

Published On 03/30/2015 Published On 03/30/2015
The secret agent alarm clock

If getting you out of bed in the morning requires secret ops-level reinforcement, you may want to raise the caliber of your alarm. Enter the Secret Agent Alarm Clock ($25), a Walther PPK/S handgun-shaped device that'll unleash some friendly fire on your AM routine.


Set it, and the Secret Agent Clock will vibrate until you're awake. To silence the alarm, aim the barrel at the wall and pull the trigger to fire the time and serve up an adrenaline rush to start your day. 

Sometimes it's okay to shoot the messenger.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Her alarm is her phone, and she's pretty much fine with that. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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