28 Insanely Clever Hidden Rooms And Secret Passageways

There are two types of people in this world: those who'd do just about anything for an unseen hideaway that slowly reveals itself behind a bookshelf with the tug of a leather-bound Sherlock Holmes, and damn dirty liars.

For all the kids out there who drooled over Bruce Wayne's Bat Cave—the dream is real. And it's spectacular. Here are 28 real-life, semi-attainable covert passageways, rooms, lounges, bars, stairways, and even garages.

1. The library within the library

It's like Inception, with way more paper cuts.

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2. The super secret wine cellar

Hide your ridiculous vino-guzzling habit in this clandestine basement!

3. The speakeasy

One way to get through awkward family dinners is to make a quick kitchen escape behind the bar. Sorry, Mom. 

4. The world's greatest employee lounge

The offices of Steelhead Partners in Bellevue, Washington have a secret pub built into this basic, rich mahogany bookshelf. 

On an unrelated note, Steelhead Partners just received 50,000 quickly typed resumes.

5. The unseen studio

 It's the ideal workshop for the artist who isn't quite ready to expose their work. Or just kind of suck. 

6. This covert date spot

Table for two, just behind Huckleberry Finn.

7. This undercover spiral staircase

Oh, you only have one staircase? And it's in plain sight?!

8. This cave of wine

The only thing better than a bottle of wine, is many more. 

9. The hidden sauna in a bathroom

Towels are probably mandatory. 

10. This Hogwarts-esque office space

Ed Skoudis' private office is Dumbledorian, to say the least. Fairly sure you need to answer three riddles before the suit of armor lets you in...

...to what appears to be an underused home office. Regardless, 10/10 for the presentation.

11. This cliche hidden den behind a painting

If you're like me, you usually try to tug on every painting you see, lest you miss a stunning secret lounge. It'll get you banned from a ton of museums, but occasionally you'll see something like this.  

12. The priceless geode concealer

Some men will stop at nothing to ensure their secret collection of geodes stays a secret. 

13. This revolving bookcase

You have to believe this kind of set-up would lead to Indiana Jones-style hilarity.

14. The kitchen that ceases to exist

Finally, a way to hide unsightly counter spaces and cupboards.

15. This bathroom that guests are definitely not allowed in

Perfect for parties.

16. The real life Narnia

Parents of the year, no further proof required.

17. The Hobbit hole

Along a similar vein, here's a secret Hobbit hole, built for some ridiculously lucky kid. Is it okay to feel murderous envy towards a child, just for a minute or two? 

18. This tiny hideaway 

For the little lady who likes to hide out.

19. This stairway grotto 

Complete with Thomas the Tank.

20. The reading nook

The perfect reading nook for those who are definitely not claustrophobic. 

21. The book-switch

Okay, so a water heater compartment isn't as sexy as a bar or wine cellar. But this Holmesian book opening switch is the coolest thing on this list, in my opinion. 

22. This closet full of beds

Bunk beds, in the Japanese businessman option.

23. The stairway to heaven

In my dream life, this staircase would lead to my study-slash-helipad.

24. This crazy panic room

The ultimate in mirror safes, or an impromptu panic room. 

25. The man cave tunnel

Shouldn't every man cave have a secret emergency exit? At least to better serve the pizza boy. 

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26. The garage that hides your car

It's sleek, and practical. I could easily see Doc Brown's DeLorean find a home here. 

27. The garage that hides your garage


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28. The holy sh*t what is happening

Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Supercompressor. He thought he found a secret passage in his apartment, but it was just his garbage disposal. Ask him more @WilFulton.