Ducking Shot, Autocorrect-Fail Coasters!

The embarrassment of sending a wrongfully-autocorrected word in a text message is a pain that millennials know all too well. It's the worst first-world problem since mid-porn buffering and is literally more painful than childbirth. For better or worse, our friends at Meriwether Montana have decided to pay homage to the deplorable act by releasing these Shameless Auto Correct Coasters.

Emblazoned on a set of four wooden coasters, each one of these texts are pulled from real life conversations—or, at least, totally fake conversations that look real—and immortalized while simultaneously protecting your table from water-rings. All the more reason that you need to finally respect wood

It's a good way to keep your furniture safe and poke fun at the silly little mistakes we all make. Ugh, iPhones, right? What a stupid piece of incredible technology that has more computing power than you ever could even fathom.

Just another reason you should follow your gut and ditch your swanky iPhone Ultra 6+ Alpha Super Robot for an old-school Nokia brick. At the end of the day, these coasters get you laughing about your foibles—and that's what counts.

Of course, if it's not the phone and you legitimately have trouble spelling, then maybe you should put down your drink and pick up a goddamn book every once in a while. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite book is the back of a shampoo bottle.