Downsize To A One Room Crash Pad On Wheels

If commitment issues and a low cash flow are your only reasons for not owning a second home, you'll want to take a quick tour of the Salsa Box, an airy and charming one-room log cabin on wheels you can hitch and tow behind a standard pickup. Best part? It's under $25,000.

Built by the folks at Portland's Shelter Wise, an eco-conscious crew who specialize in creating hyper energy efficient living spaces, they're available in three sizes: 12, 16, and 20 feet.

Inside's deceptively spacious. The 96 square feet (for the 12-footer) are maximized in creative ways, with a whole stable of cubbies and storage areas tucked above, below, beside, and behind you.

Frankly, the kitchen (and especially the counter space) is more generous than ones you'll find in many studio apartments in Manhattan. And the stainless steel looks especially sexy amidst a sea of woodgrain.

You get a ton of light, too, thanks to a series of strategically placed windows, which keep it nice and bright without compromising your privacy.

Not to mention the skylight, which shines down onto the cozy "bedroom," perfectly sized for a queen mattress.

And yes, since you've been wondering, you can poop in it. In fact, it's equipped to hook up to standard RV water connections, and can be easily modified for off-the-grid should you feel like parking it in the woods, on the beach, or out in the desert.

Need to wash up? Take a quick soak in the eight cubic-foot shower/tub combo.

Started packing yet?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He'd relocate to one of these in a heartbeat.