These Trippy Light Fixtures Will Blow Your Mind

Published On 03/20/2015 Published On 03/20/2015

Inspired by the flowers and plants that close up to protect themselves when the sun goes down (what up, nyctinasty?!), these incredibly clever light fixtures are actually kinetic sculptures that "bloom" and close as they move up and down the ceiling (up to 30 feet).

While I could easily write this off as magic, the psychedelic Shylight system is more simple than you'd think. Each fixture features a bulb surrounded by carefully layered bunches of silk, which, thanks to a small motor, opens and closes via a series of motorized springs. The fixtures  aren't spontaneous either, but rather controlled from your smartphone, which is helpful since nothing stirs up a fading dinner party quite like slyly fooling your guests into thinking they've been massively dosed.



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