Sleep On These Horrifying Spider Pillows

If your best nights of sleep are the ones when you wake up in utter horror at the sight of a giant spider in your face, then you, fair crazy person, should consider investing in one of these Sydney Funnel-Web pillows.

These nightmare-inducing head rests (which are also available in accent sizes) come decked out with an up-close photo-real image of a large, generic arachnid's hairy abdomen and legs—plus, check out how its fangs hover ever so close to your neck.

For those evenings when you just can't deal with it, the flip side features a less-graphic, zoomed-out version of the critter which, frankly, isn't much less disconcerting at all.

Sweet dreams!

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He has a paralyzing fear of spiders but LOVES Arachnophobia.