The Giant Bird's Nest Sofa

Well these folks really put all their eggs in one basket with this one*.

Thanks to this inventive new setup from the people at OGE Creative design firm, your living room is now ready to be filled with an enormous egg-shaped pillow basket. Hideous-looking? Maybe. The most comfortable thing you'll ever curl up on? Definitely.

(*I would like to hereby apologize for that joke. Let's just move on.) 

The unorthodox seating setup was conceived and created to not only satisfy the offbeat bird-obsessed among us, but, according to the firm, to serve as a lounging space that helps promote creativity in whoever's nestled within it. 

Like a real nest, the not-so-real giant eggs sit inside a maze of wooden sticks. No worry of splinters though, because the only part you'll be hanging in is lined with foam.

Depending on how much space you have, they're made in four different sizes, accommodating anywhere between two and 16 people, and presumably, a sh*t ton of normal-sized birds. 

Though if stark white eggs are way too vanilla for you, there are 13 other options to choose from, which, if you're feeling awesome, can be mixed and matched.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and, like many people, wonders why no one ever sees baby pigeons.

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