This Couch Transforms Into A Room Full Of Furniture

Short of converting all your furniture into Murphy bed-style drop-downs, it's tough to comfortably arrange ample seating in a small apartment's living room without creating a cluttered mess. That's what makes the Sofista such an ingenious system. It's a modular and stackable couch that transforms from a three-seat sofa into a three-piece living room set on demand.

At its simplest, the setup functions as a standard low-profile, eight-foot-long modern sofa, but the magic happens when you remove the armrests. The right side pulls out to reveal a spacious armchair and the left becomes a chaise lounge, leaving you with an armless couch that still sits three, and sleeps one. Or two, if you get creative.

Joe McGauley is a semi-professional couch-surfer and senior editor at Supercompressor.