Take A Tour Of An Abandoned Cold War-Era Bunker

Redditors just can't seem to keep out of trouble; last week someone was accidentally mailed a drone, this week a dude stumbled upon a phone booth sized metal shack in the middle of a military base, which turned out to be an abandoned Cold War bunker. Going against every basic horror movie trope concerning terrifying bunkers, the guy went down below and took pictures

Upon opening the door of a shack, a ladder was found, prompting the Redditor to (obviously) climb down and see what was inside. 

The bottom of the ladder led to a spiral staircase. 

The stairs went down far... 

... very, very very far. 

At the bottom of the spiral staircase was a massive door with a small square of light peeking through. Intriguing.

Not pictured: Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev.

A shot of a shock isolator.

Further inside the bunker is this old equipment, which was later confirmed to be a communications hub for missiles. Another Redditor left this comment: "Looks like an LCC (launcher control capsule or center), in which missileers (missile launch officers) receive launch orders to fire off land based ICBMs."

There was also a diesel tank. Not pictured: Propane and/or propane accessories. 

What's this? Another ladder?

Not pictured: Mikhail Gorbachev.

The view from the bottom.

The ladder led down to some less-exciting HVAC/air-handling equipment.

Also, numerous ducts. 

The very bottom of the bunker was filled with stagnant water, teeming with bacteria and the fear of a Communist society. Some Redditors have speculated that this abandoned bunker is located somewhere in either North Dakota or Illinois. What a ride — let's all be thankful that this war was cold all the way through. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and generally has no preference when it comes to the choice of being Red or dead.