Turn Your Eggs Into Tiny Soccer Balls

I love eggs as much as the next guy—but honestly, I love balls even more. Eggs have that awkward, unruly oval shape that makes eating such a chore. Balls, however, roll right into your mouth with splendid, spherical ease. 

Luckily, culinary/athletic trailblazers Sports Huevos cracked the yolk code. Your eggs can now (finally) be balls instead.

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The intrepid device allows any mere-mortal to mold their boooooring hard-boiled egg-shaped eggs into lovely golf balls, soccer balls, or tennis balls. It's like the game of the century is happening right inside your mouth, and your tastebuds win every time!

Don't try to actually play with any of your new egg-balls, though. Unless you like being covered in bits of unfertilized chicken embryo. (Trust me, it's not a good look; I'm still not allowed to go back into Denny's...)

Wil Fulton is a free-range, USDA-approved Staff Writer, currently nesting at Supercompressor. Follow him to yolky-goodness @WilWithOnlyOneL