The Trophy 'Star Wars' Tauntaun Head You Can Mount On Your Wall

Here's what we know about Tauntauns thus far: they hail from the icy planet of Hoth, they smell better on the outside than on the inside, and they're comically bad at surviving the cold—this, despite the fact they're indigenous to a planet that's literally covered in f**king ice.

One crafty nerd go-getter has made every Star Wars geek's dreams come true by making a Tauntaun bust. The Teacup Tauntaun is an amalgamation of a few different animals, old furniture, yarn, and paint. It's not exactly real, not exactly fake, but 100 percent perfect. 

So here's how you make a Tauntaun bust. The head itself is actually a vintage Corsican ram shoulder mount, stuffed with wadded-up old envelopes, which builds up the Tauntaun's facial structure.

Next, a combination of taxidermy and epoxy putty was used to give the face texture, and then the entire thing was hand-painted with acrylics. Oh yeah, and those horns? Goat horns. Dead goat horns, obviously. No live goats were harmed in this process—just a lot of dead ones.

The whole piece was then mounted on an old cupboard door, painted gray, and bordered with wool yarn.

The thing looks pretty awesome considering it's pieced together from a bunch of dead animals, and it would make an excellent addition to the bachelor pad of any Star Wars fan. Because, let's face it, huge Star Wars fans are most always bachelors. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite Star Wars character is obviously Jango Fett.