Mix Master Cocktails With This Home Bar Ice Kit

You may already have a few cool tools, and some neat glassware, but if you're finally ready to master the whole at-home mixology thing, you'll need to set yourself up with a proper ice-making system.

Studio Neat has you covered. Its brand new Ice Kit, which quickly and properly prepares a variety of frozen H20, will suit whatever you're sipping. Get cracking. 

The set includes four distinct elements, the largest being the rectangular ice mold, which creates a solid ice brick that—by freezing from the top down—turns out a finished chunk with a distinctly clear top half, and cloudier bottom, where all impurities and air have been pushed down.

Once you've got one of those ready, it's time to whip out the chisel and muddler/mallet. By thwacking it right down the middle you'll be set up with a giant, gorgeous clear cube, the cornerstone to cocktails like an old fashioned, where slow dilution is required. The cloudy half that's left is perfect to use to mix something else in a shaker, or stirring glass.

When you're making a batch of something that calls for crushed ice, don't even bother with your finicky in-fridge ice-maker. Instead, plop some cubes in the included Lewis bag, close it up, whack it with the mallet, and pour the good clean stuff right into your glass. 

Bottoms up!

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He cannot handle the sound of people chewing their ice, so please, just... don't.