Naps Are Better In A Grass Hammock

Fewer things are as refreshing as dozing off in the grass under a tree in the park in the summer, though a hammock nap certainly comes close. Now, you can do both. The ingenious designers at Studio Toer just devised this glorious grass hammock.

Known officially as the "Field Hammock," the setup is meant to combine the slow sway of a hammock with the "relaxed feeling of lying in the fields."

Full disclosure: the "grass" mat is not actually sod, but rather a water and UV ray-resistant multicolored grass-like synthetic polyamide pile fabric. That's probably for the best, since the real stuff would most certainly either shrivel up and die or grow so long you'd have to devise a way to get it under a mower.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and an award-winning napper.