Pro Chef Recipes + Their Playlists While Cooking = Ultimate Dinner Party

Pulling off a successful dinner party requires a lot of work: choosing the best dynamic of people to invite, settling on a good menu, and pairing it all with a solid soundtrack to set the right mood. Ugh, responsible adult entertaining is tough.

But now you can offload some stress, thanks to Supper—a new site that pairs delicious recipes from the world's coolest restaurants with a perfect playlist.

The site's slick interface allows you to browse through a broad selection of recipes—rated by their difficulty level, serving size, and veg-friendliness—from big-name restaurants in foodie cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Once you've selected your meal, it'll give you a breakdown of the ingredients and cooking instructions. But here's where it gets cool: you'll also get an embedded Spotify playlist to listen to during preparation, handpicked by the chef or restaurant that submitted that specific recipe, and timed to run for as long as prep and cook time.

And when you've wrapped up prep it's time to queue up the second playlist, also handpicked by the resto, but designed to be enjoyed while you chow down.

Hear that? It's you with zero excuses to not throw a dinner party now.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He'd call himself a good cook, but then he'd be lying.