Look Inside The Coolest Beach House In Australia

Like a bird house for humans, the Pole House is a cabin-sized abode perched atop a giant concrete pedestal 131 feet above the Fairhaven, Australia coast, offering the type of killer views guaranteed to freak the hell out of any acrophobe. 

Erected back in the seventies, the place had a seriously ratty retro vibe until a few years ago when it was saved from planned demolition by a couple architects, who went all in on a modern renovation.

It's essentially like a floating studio apartment, with no distinct rooms and just one bed and bathroom. But who cares — all the floor-to-ceiling glass walls are retractable.

Chilly nights aren't an issue either thanks to the fireplace, which hangs from its own chimney.

The bathroom is actually just a central pod encased in wooden panels of ash — the same material that covers the kitchen, which is built into the rear wall.

The bridge-like walkway to the front door transforms into a glassed-in wraparound porch, so as not to detract from your amazing view/complete lack of privacy.

And if you do feel the urge to walk around in the buff, just remember: it's one of the most photographed homes in the country.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and wonders whether the idiom still stands for people who actually DO live in glass houses.