Swiveling Chair Doubles As A Private Office

In this day of the ubiquitous "open office" concept, it can be tough to find a private space to take important phone calls or have a quick meeting without distraction, or worse, eavesdroppers. But what if your office chair could simply transform into a private cubicle in one swift swivel? Well, it actually can, if you're sitting in the Tuttomio.

When fully-opened, the tall, fabric-covered pod looks a bit like a pair of nesting cups and serves as a standalone workstation with a built-in bench and raised desk-like surface, making it conducive to easy face-to-face chats.

But, when you need to shut the world out, the outer shell swivels to create a sound-dampening and peep-proof cocoon, bringing your dreams of that daily post-lunch nap all that much closer to reality.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and wishes these things came with a matching cone of silence.