T-Rex Menorahs Are Here To Save Hanukkah

Regardless of the fact that it has around 138 years on Christmas, Hanukkah has been overshadowed by the all-powerful Christmas tree for hundreds of years. Well, guess what, it's finally found a secret weapon.

Two words: Menorasaurus Rex. Suck it, Christmas!

Emerging from the darkest, deepest corners of Etsy, The Vanilla Studio's line of badass menorahs are the greatest thing to happen to the Jews since...the most recent time we escaped oppression? Yes, the spirit of the Maccabees will truly be honored as you display your eight candles proudly on the back of a golden dinosaur.

Strictly adhering to the DIY or Die way of life, these menorahs are meticulously hand-crafted and made from the common repurposed plastic toys you would find scattered on the bedroom floor of any well-to-do Jewish child.

Each one is made-to-order and will undoubtedly trump the Christmas tree sitting smugly in your friend's living room...watching. Laughing. LEERING. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his girlfriend once took all these hilarious pictures of him trying to wrangle a lobster into a pot of water.