The Taco Toaster

If you thought there was no way to make your favorite south-of-the-border cuisine any better, you'd be wrong. Say hola to Fiesta Series Taco Toaster, which will quite literally throw a fiesta in your mouth. 

Now, when you're so very generously cooking up a Mexican feast for your pals and someone whines that you only have soft tortillas instead of hard, you can whip out your toaster and shut them the hell up.

The tortilla bends at the perfect angle around a metal mold, and the "taco forming cage" slides over, keeping it in place.

Then, the whole contraption goes into the toaster, which has timing settings to give your taco the optimal level of crunch.

Score this ingenious device for $28.50, and make every day Taco Tuesday.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She'll take two of these, por favor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.