These Are The Only Termites You Want In Your House

Generally speaking, discovering there's a thriving community of termites in your house is pretty bad news. However, that's exactly what you'll be hoping for once you've set up a Termitat, the strangely fascinating self-contained living termite exhibit for your home.

More unpredictable than whatever you have hanging on the walls of your living room or office, the tripod-mounted slices of sealed Douglas Fir serve as a piece of living sculpture. Each is filled with a small army of 25 dampwood termites, who would likely pose little threat to your home, unless your home sits on a bed of their favorite food: fungus-infested logs.

The setup is intended to support them for up to three years (you'll need to add some water occasionally), after which you can install the colony in a fresh piece of wood where they'll continue to thrive. But be sure to follow the very specific instructions, or you'll be dealing with an emergency Termite-rescue situation. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He wonders how PETA feels about termites.