Here's How Much 17 Famous TV Homes Actually Cost

It's generally understood that exterior shots of houses on TV are a complete lie. They're a simple way for producers to establish a location before cutting to the set of a living room or kitchen on a faraway soundstage. But how much would it set you back to settle down in one of those anonymous facades?

To find out, we tracked down the so-called homes featured in 17 of our favorite shows, and used Zillow's trusty value estimation tool to determine how much they might go for in today's real estate market.

Turns out, many TV families must have been a lot richer than they appeared to be.

Six Feet Under

2302 W 25th Street
Los Angeles, California

Estimated price:$1,176,054
This 6,324-square-foot Victorian beauty in West Adams was built in 1905, and has plenty of room for all your living (and deceased) family members, with 5 bedrooms.

American Horror Story: Murder House

1120 Westchester Place
Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $2,264,829
The Murder House from the first season is actually the Rosenheim Mansion, a 15,000-square-foot cultural landmark complete with 6 fireplaces and a grand ballroom, which is currently set up as a recording studio. It may be recognizable to plenty of non-AHS viewers, too, considering it's been featured in many other series including Grey's Anatomy, Californication, and The Mentalist.

Boy Meets World

4196 Colfax Ave
Studio City, California

Estimated price: $1,228,809
Cory Matthews' childhood home is a few steps away from the CBS studios where they actually shot the show for a while. It's also a little smaller than what the interior sets would suggest, with only 2 bedrooms. 

Breaking Bad

3828 Piermont Drive
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Estimated price: $174,513
The current (very friendly) owner says they took quite a bit of artistic license with the interiors of the home on the show, but the pool in the back is absolutely real. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

1313 Cota Avenue
Torrance, California

Estimated price: $696,869
The house where Buffy lived has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in real life, and is conveniently only a few blocks from Torrance High School, which they used in exterior scenes for Sunnydale High.

Family Matters

1516 West Wrightwood Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Estimated price: $221,243
The Winslow family's place is actually a 1924, multi-family home in Cragin, which last changed hands two years ago for just under the estimated price above. Though frankly, you can't put a price on knowing Steve Urkel will never actually pop through the door to harass your daughter on a daily basis.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

251 North Bristol Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $8,907,054
Scandalously not in Bel Air, the real-life home they showed as the Banks' estate is located in Brentwood, which is notable only for being just slightly less super-rich than the latter, but filled with huge mansions just the same.

7th Heaven

527 Alta Avenue
Santa Monica, California

Estimated price: $7,323,533
The home where the Camden family lived in Aaron Spelling's longest running series boasts 3,795 square feet over 12 rooms, and includes both a pool and tennis court on the fairly small lot.

Full House

1709 Broderick Street
San Francisco, California

Estimated price: $3,901,902
While many people mistakenly believe the Tanner clan lived in one of the iconic Painted Ladies, they actually lived here. The real-life 2,484-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom spread was built in 1900, and much like John Stamos, seems to have aged quite well.

Modern Family

10336 Dunleer Drive
Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $2,150,000
The actual 4-bedroom 2-story home where the Dunphys live is in Cheviot Hills, and changed hands as recently as May 2014 for $2.5 million.

The Golden Girls

245 North Saltair Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $3,277,549
The whole premise that the ladies' compound was in south Florida is a LIE. The four-bedroom, 4-bathroom ranch used in exterior establishing shots is actually in west Los Angeles. 

Happy Days

565 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $3,148,258
Nowhere near Milwaukee, the real-life house that served as the Cunningham homestead has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool, and zero Fonzie apartments over the garage.

Mad Men

675 Arden Road
Pasadena, California

Estimated price: $1,631,331
Though a red door was used while shooting, the Ossining, New York, Draper residence is actually a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom colonial in Pasadena.


619 South Runnymeade Avenue
Evansville, Indiana

Estimated price: $112,672
The actual home the Connors supposedly lived in matches the modest interiors from the show, clocking in under 2,000 square feet, with 4 small bedrooms. The listing from the last time it was on the market describes it as the ideal home for students of nearby University of Evansville. So why is it in Indiana instead of Illinois, where the show was set? Evansville is the hometown of the series first season producer.

Step By Step

2011 Fletcher Avenue
South Pasadena, California

Estimated price: $1,641,319
Considering the lot of this 3-bedroom is only .27 acres, it's hard to imagine there would be much room for a yard with cousin Cody's trailer taking up so much space. 

The Brady Bunch

11222 Dilling Street
North Hollywood, California

Estimated price: $1,478,474
America's favorite blended family lived in this lovely 5-bedroom, which has not changed hands since February 1973, when it sold for a mere $61,000. 

The Wonder Years

516 University Avenue
Burbank, California

Estimated price: $717,495
While it was left intentionally vague where in America the Arnolds lived, the house used for exteriors of their home is this modest 1,800-square-foot ranch in Burbank. BYO Daniel Stern voiceover.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. If a dream world, a show about his youth would be narrated by F. Murray Abraham.

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