The Best Design In The World, 10/24/14

Another week, another chance to lust over a fresh slate of spaces and stuff. This time around: a radical beach house that transforms the changing tides into electricity, game-changing umbrellas, and even adult bean bags. Whip out that wish list.

Hydroelectric Tidal House

Cape Town, South Africa (proposed)
The latest conceptual design from the futuristic UK-based architect Margot Krasojevic, this wild proposed private residence would actually have its foundation in the water on the beach. It's not just for surrealist effect, though, since the design hinges on using the force of the tide going in and out to generate electricity in the living area. One question: hurricane insurance?

Sa Umbrella

Meet the Sa, an ingenious reimagining of the age-old umbrella, which improves both its efficacy under the harshest conditions and cuts down on the finger-slicing open/close issues that torture us all.

For starters, the geometric canopy made of a strong material that doesn't require a metal skeleton, and rather than secure the flaps with a Velcro strap when it's closed, there are embedded magnets around the perimeter that keep it shut without a touch. Plus, the internal spring-loaded mechanism in the handle opens and closes the canopy with a gentle twist or pull. We'll take 10, please.

Casa Chinkara

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Situated in one of GC's nicest suburban neighborhoods, this place was designed to look as though it were a giant rock embedded in the landscape, following the lines of the terrain rather than imposing upon them (the main photo above is a wide shot of the exterior). The finished spread pulls it off without a hitch, thanks to a heavy dose of natural materials (unfinished concrete and wood), a sense of openness throughout, and a mix of indoor/outdoor spaces, including a glass-encased hallway with a live tree growing through it.

TravisMathew Glass Ping Pong Table

From a brand known for its knockout country club duds for dudes (think golf polos, tennis shorts, that sort of thing), comes this sexy glass-topped ping pong table. Each one of these steel framed beasts is made to order by hand in Orange County, using heavy-duty 300 pound polished edge glass. Just don't pull any McEnroe-caliber antics unless you want a pile of shards in your game room.

Rectory Farmhouse

Suffolk, UK
Just on the border of a tiny village, this two-story home (whose name comes from traditionally square rectories that were often built along the edge of British towns) is an ultra-modern riff on the traditional English farmhouse. The exposed timber on the outside continues inside with calming wood beam ceilings throughout. It's also situated on a dramatic slope, so the back of the house gets exposed to double idyllic views of the countryside. Simple, small(ish), and elegant—a winning trio.

Lujo's Adult Bean Bag Furniture

Gone are the days when "furnishing" your studio apartment meant tossing a few well-used beanbags on the floor. Time to grow up—but not too much—and deck out your living room with some super high quality and expertly-designed plush loungers, ottomans, and chairs. If you're lucky enough to have a porch or roof, you can also score an outdoor set that'll survive the elements. Chill, dude.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His childhood dog once chewed threw a bean bag chair and ate all the filling. It wasn't pretty.