The Best Design In The World, 11/10/14

There are worse ways to kick off the week than with a bunch of drool-worthy architecture and spectacularly designed products. Up this time around: a knockout ocean cliff retreat, sunken fire pits, and the kitchen of the future.

Frame by Depict

A truly revolutionary concept in regard to the future of wall art, this soon-to-be-released beautiful wood-framed digital display is designed to be the ultimate showcase for your digital art. Featuring birch wood joinery, it's equipped with a 4K screen so whatever you choose to display within it will pop with exceptional clarity, drawing eyes in and presenting digital artwork the way it was truly meant to be seen.

Greenwich Street Penthouse

New York, USA
Once a barren warehouse in TriBeCa, this sprawling newly renovated penthouse loft boasts cleverly transformed living spaces while channeling a great deal of charm from its past life as a painter's studio. For starters, the 17-foot ceilings allow for tiered spaces, including a couple cozy, cubby-like home offices. There are also sliding panels that can create divides between certain rooms on demand, and a kitchen nearly large enough to shoot Iron Chef episodes in. The kicker, though, is up top: a 1,500-square foot roof terrace that connects through the living room. We'll take it. All of it.

Elixir Mini Bar

Half side table, half booze chest, this affordable transforming wooden piece is all business until you flip down the side panels, when it reveals its undercover identity: a bar. It's just like that locked cabinet your parents kept all their booze in, except it's never locked, and your parents can't keep you from drinking anymore.

Coolum Bays Beach House

Queensland, Australia
Perched up above the beach, this spectacular contemporary concrete beach house is almost entirely windowed on the ocean side, and features a unique multi-level open floor-plan that keeps the journey interesting from the moment you walk through the front door until you step out onto the sprawling deck and pool area. 

AK47 Design Hole

Worried you're too clumsy and accident-prone to handle one of those big honkin' above-ground fire pits? This thing's got you covered. It's a built-in wood outdoor fireplace that you place in a dug-up hole in the ground, and cover with sturdy piece of metal that makes it flush with your lawn. When you get tired of where it is, dig a new hole and mix things up.

Siemens Foodlab

Developed specifically for a restaurant in one of Poland's most important design centers, each piece of this innovative open kitchen is set on wheels, making time in there more efficient since it can be rearranged according to prep needs. With appliances built-in, you're no longer forced to slave over meals in crowded, sweaty confines. And when all's said and done, just push everything up against the wall and it's like nothing ever happened.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He, too, is all business until you flip down his side panels.