12 Coffee Gadgets To Supercharge Your Morning

Everyone needs that morning fix. And as tempting as an IV drip of coffee each day might seem, you probably need a less drastic approach to your cup of joe. Enter these 12 gadgets that will up your coffee-intake game and keep you happily caffeinated all day long.

Bring it on, Monday morning.

1.Barisieur - $399.88
Using induction heating to warm steel beads in the chamber, this combination coffee maker and alarm clock will boil water for pour-over brew, waking you up to the sweet, sweet smell of your morning cup of fuel. Your Mr. Coffee is toast.

2.Piamo Microwave Espresso - $54.64
Mornings can be a frenzied whirlwind of chaos, and setting aside time to get your espresso fix doesn't always make it to the top of your priority list. Don't skip the shower, just put water and espresso grounds into this contraption and zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Boom, instant energy jolt. [More...]

3.Grower's Cup Coffee Brewer - $13.99 for a four-pack
Combining the quality of a French press with the ease of pour-over, this single-use pack is perfect for anytime you're on the go. Inside each bag is a filter with 18 grams of organic, high-quality grounds. Pop open the top and pour boiling water over it, and serve up that joe conveniently through the spout. Makes two cups.

4.TopBrewer - $15,000
A built-in espresso tap that brews up to four cups in a minute comes at a price, and that price is about $15,000. But it'll be well worth it when you've got an app-controlled coffee faucet that makes your morning latte as easy as pressing a button. [More...]

5.Coffee Joulies - From $47.96
At first, coffee is always at a tongue-searing temperature. By the time you get to the office? A tepid nightmare. Here to fix that: these stainless steal beans, which contain a patented material that cools down your coffee and sustains it at the perfect temperature (about 140°F) by releasing the stored heat, keeping it enjoyable for hours. Um, yes please.

6.Minipresso - $39
Are you one of those people who spontaneously combusts without a daily dose of espresso, no matter where you are? You may want to see a doctor about that, but in the meantime, grab yourself one of these handheld espresso makers. About the size of a thermos, just put a few ounces of hot water into the chamber and pump the lever, and you'll have an instant pick-me-up any time, any place. [More...]

7.CoffeeBar - $3 per bar
Alright, alright, this Kickstarter success story isn't exactly a gadget, but how can you resist the chance to stuff caffeine down your throat in the form of a delicious bar full of chocolate, cashews, and almonds? Spoiler: you can't.

8.The Double Shot Mug - $14
Kitchen cabinet real estate is precious. Saving space and diversifying your coffee routine is this combination mug that lets you sip traditional brew or savor an espresso from the smaller compartment hollowed into the bottom. 

9.Hario 600ML Technica Coffee Siphon - $94
This bad boy is not messing around. It'll require your own fuel to light the burner, but after that you'll have an open flame and vacuum suction to craft the perfect cup. Or five. [Buy it from us...]

10.Grow Your Own Coffee - $9.99
If you're psychotically obsessed with brewing only the freshest of beans, why not grow 'em from scratch? This kit comes with a troth, seeds, planting soil, and a greenhouse-like dome to get your green thumb going.

11.Hario Bouno Coffee Drip Kettle - $67
If you're gonna do pour-over, do it in style. This handsome-looking kettle comes with a carefully shaped, thin spout to maximize your pouring experience, because third degree burns and coffee don't pair nicely. [Buy it from us...]

12. Espresso Veloce - Price vailable upon request
Supercharged coffee meets supercharged engines with this Formula One espresso machine in a badass way. Modeled after V8, V10, and V12 configurations, the Veloce laughs in the face of espresso makers everywhere. [More...]

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She would invest in a coffee IV if it weren't for her paralyzing fear of needles. Follow her to a caffeine overdose on Twitter and Instagram.