10 Necessities To Keep Your Halloween Party From Sucking

Published On 10/28/2014 Published On 10/28/2014

Everyone's been there: stuck at a terrible Halloween party with plastic fingers floating in the punch and those stupid fake spiderwebs you keep walking into. Well, you're better than that. To keep your party from sucking, get a look at these 10 essentials that'll take your shindig to the next level.


1. Blood Energy Drink - $8.09
Power up for your night with this blood-bag energy drink that contains 80 mg of caffeine and will put that Vodka Red Bull to shame.


2. Skull Chair - $420
The only acceptable seating to offer guests comes in the form of a giant skull with a moveable, hinged jaw. Cozy.

Truett Hurst

3. Truett Hurst Halloween Wines - Starting at $19.99
This Chardonnay comes wrapped in intricately sketched Dia de los Muertos-themed tissue paper to up your booze game. Save the two-buck chuck for your Arbor Day party. [More...]


4. Skull Egg Mold - $8.99
Halloween-printed appetizers? Egg-sellent. Pop your hardboiled eggs into this plastic mold and give your friends the chance to snack on delicious, protein-filled brains all night.

Jac Zagoory/CoolMaterial

5. Biting Skull Bronze Bottle Opener - $55
This hand-cast, antique bronze opener is here to pry off beer caps with the raw, untamed fury of the living dead.


6. Zombie Toothpicks - $10.90
Nothing like the putrified, plastic flesh of zombies to make your finger food more appetizing. This is easily the best way to ensure you'll have leftovers.


7. Brain Freeze Skull Ice Bucket - $19.99
Keep your alcohol as chill as your party with this bucket that'll store up to 54 ounces of ice, liquor, or preferably both. [More...]

Keg Works

8. Pumpkin Tap Kit - $29.99
This spigot and tap kit lets you turn a useless fruit into a vehicle to dispense sweet, sweet booze. [More...]


9. Ask Me About My Zombie Shirt - $32.19
No one wants to stand around guessing which Game Of Thrones character you're dressed as. Keep things easy on everyone with this tee that combines 100% cotton with the element of surprise.


10. Kikkerland Skull Shot Glasses - $9
Supercompressor is pumped to be offering this set of four shot glasses celebrating all things Halloween and shot-taking. Bottoms up. [Buy 'em from us]

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She instantly rose to Internet fame with last year's Halloween costume. Not sure she can top it. Follow her on Twitter at @ali_drucker.



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