13 Necessities To Keep Your Holiday Party From Sucking

Every year you're roped into at least one horrific holiday party. One where "Jingle Bell Rock" plays on repeat and the eggnog's room temperature. Don't be the guy who throws this party!

Below, you'll find 13 necessities—from wintery whiskey glasses to next-level nutcrackers—that will keep your fiesta from sucking.

Get after it, party people.

1.Rigoletto Electric Water Fireplace - $1,515
No fireplace? No problem. Get the same cozy-cabin vibes with this electric number that's fueled by water vapor to create a realistic looking flame wherever you want it.

2.Matterhorn Glasses - $44.95 for two
Nothing says winter festivities like sipping from a drink as cold as the Alps. Break out this striking crystal-crafted barware for your shindig and you'll be raising eyebrows as well as glasses.

3.The Emperor Ice Bucket - $39
Did you know penguins mate for life? Yeah? Well did you also know regular, boring ice buckets have no place at your epic holiday party? Upgrade your ice storage with this stately penguin and add some arctic chill to your evening.

4.Antler Bottle Opener - $15
Because nothing says 'holiday spirit' like prying open your brew with a reindeer antler. 

5.Star Wars Cookie Cutters - $32.95
Everyone will appreciate homemade Star Wars cookies, and if they don't, you should probably consider asking them to leave, because they don't deserve Yoda sugar cookies.

6.The Nut Hammer - Pricing not yet available
The holidays can be a stressful time, so channel your aggression into something productive, like cracking walnuts like a boss with the Nut Hammer. Load your nut of choice into the chamber and then give it a whack against any flat surface to de-shell your snacks in the most satisfying way possible.

7. Personal Fondue Mugs - $14.99
No one likes sharing, so feed your guests with their own personal fondue station, powered by a small tea candle in the hollowed out base. 

8. Coleman Popcorn Popper - $12.99
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire are nowhere near as delicious as homemade popcorn that you can whip up with vintage flare in this steel-constructed popper.

9. Merry Charger - $19.99
Charge your phone and decorate your tree at the same time with these LED string lights, bringing multi-tasking to a whole new level.

10.Log Pillow - $11
People often overindulge at holiday parties and probably shouldn't drive home, so be prepared for guests to stay the night with a log pillow. Just make sure no one mistakes it for an actual log and throws it on the's flammable.

11.Dirty Carl Beer Koozie - $5.99
Keep your beer cold, not your hands. 'Tis the season for ugly sweaters, after all.

128-Bit LED Holiday Wreath - $15.99  
Throw it way back with an 8-bit wreath, complete with everyone's most precious old-school memories, like Nintendo and Tetris.

13.A Christmas Story Leg Lamp - $39.99
If you can't get a BB gun for Christmas, this is obviously the next best thing. Invoke the classic '80s flick while simultaneously setting some mood lighting with this 20-inch replica of the movie's iconic lamp.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Her invite to your party must have gotten lost in the mail. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.