The Most Ingenious Kitchen Gadgets This Month

Look around your kitchen. Do your meals typically revolve around microwavable cuisine? Are you surrounded by beer glasses you've stolen from bars? You may be due for an upgrade. Behold, the coolest gadgets of the month to nourish your digs and make your pad more palatable.

Dig in.

T-Fal OptiGrill - $179.99
Everyone loves a steak at a restaurant, but cooking one exactly how you like it at home can be challenging. The OptiGrill has preset functions that allow you to choose how you want it prepared, ranging from rare to well-done. All you need is the touch of a button to deliver the perfect steak without any guesswork or over-cooking.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System - $50
For those who prefer to do their cooking at a campsite rather than in a kitchen, this 20-ounce thermos is a necessity. A pot for food preparation nests inside the canister, which includes a spoon and can keep hot food warm for 13 hours, and cold food nice and chilly for 11.

Stirio Version 2.0 - $62.46
Know what sucks about cooking? A lot of things, but especially standing over a pot constantly stirring, or worse, forgetting to constantly stir, and winding up with a burnt mess. The new and improved Stirio has rotating panels that take the place of your arm and spoon. With a silent motor and adjustable blades that fit most pots, you can say goodbye to cooking-induced tennis elbow forever.

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool - $22.47
Behold the ultimate space-saving kitchen solution. Eight tools are colorfully and neatly stacked inside this bottle. Everything from an egg separator to a cheese grater to a funnel are clearly displayed and at the ready, ready to banish messy drawers and cabinets forever.

The Ultimate Chicken Roaster - $29.95
Utter genius in its simplicity, the stainless steel frame suspends your bird upside down, which means the juices from the arguably more delicious dark meat seep into the healthier white meat as it cooks, making for the most flavorful, evenly roasted chicken you've ever tasted.

Click Stick Butter Cutter - $13.92 
For obsessive compulsive cooks with the need for perfectly even squares of butter, the kitchen gadget will check all of your neurotic boxes. Load the butter into the chamber, and press down; a stapler-like motion dispenses even pads of butter in a snap, eliminating the need for messy spreading knives.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug - $10.99
For the laziest of coffee enthusiasts comes this mug, boasting a tiny motor that's activated by pressing a button on the handle. The spinning motor means you'll never again search your desk for a spoon, only to settle for a pencil.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She can stir her own coffee, thanks, but you can still buy her one. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.