8 Alternatives To The Office Desk That's Slowly Killing You

Study after study warns us of the increasingly terrifying side effects of sitting too much during the day. Obesity, diabetes, even cancer are all linked to the stagnant lifestyle that so many of us are slaves to because of one thing: the traditional office desk. Up to 86-percent of Americans are stuck on their bottoms all day, with only the occasional trek to the office kitchen to break up the monotony.

But there's something you can do about it: get up and check out these eight options that'll help you live a healthier life at work and ward off death's fluorescent-lit grip.

1.Cubii - $319
This miniature elliptical fits under your desk, allowing you to sneak a workout in while crushing those Excel reports and G-Chatting your friend in marketing. Sync it up with the accompanying app and keep track of your speed and calories burned. [More...]

2. TrekDesk - $499
Fitting over almost any standard treadmill, the TrekDesk lets you walk off that morning danish and features a stand for documents, plus two cupholders, presumably for both coffee and Gatorade. Just go slow, no one wants to smell you at that 2 p.m. budget meeting.

3.Refold Cardboard Desk - $205
Okay, so maybe you're not high enough up the corporate ladder to have room for a treadmill in your office. You'll get there someday, tiger. But in the meantime, this foldable cardboard desk from Refold offers an easy way to get you off that chair. It folds up to be completely portable and can adjust between a standard sitting desk and standing work station.

4.LIFT - $349
Another more practical option for home or work is LIFT: the solid bamboo structure fits on top of any flat surface, and has an adjustable panel that slides up or down, transitioning you from sitting to standing in a snap. [More...]

5.The End Of Sitting By Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances
Alright so you can't quite work at an office like this one...yet. Dutch design firm RAAAF teamed up with artist Barbara Visser to create this concept for a work space where desks and chairs are completely nonexistent. All surfaces are designed for leaning, standing, even lying down, but not sitting. Who knows? This could be the future of the modern office; a prototype is currently on display in Amsterdam.

6. LifeSpan Bike Desk - $1,499
Rather pedal than walk or stand? No problem. LifeSpan's bike desk can get those muscles moving under your desk with a fully adjustable exercise bike. And if you need a break, the cycle portion can be rolled underneath the workstation, converting it into a standard standing desk.

7. Gereghty Wall-Mounted Standing Desk - $245
A less-obtrusive option for your home office, this wall-mounted number blends seamlessly into the decor of the house while offering a standing desk with sharp design elements. The perforated "spine" of the desk holds two shelves; one for coffee and keyboard, and the other for your laptop. Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you need to lie on your couch all day. [More...]

8. AeroMAT Fitness Ball Chair - $108.19
Sitting on just an exercise ball can cause undue strain on the body. Which is why if you're trying to reap the core-strengthening, posture-improving benefits of one, do it on a hybrid like this which provides the back support you need to prevent injury while still encouraging active sitting.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer at Supercompressor. She wrote this story from her couch. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.