10 Steamy Outdoor Hot Tubs To Heat Up Your Winter

Don't fight the chill, baby—instead, embrace the frosty weather with a dip in your own personal spa. Feast your eyes on these 10 sizzling outdoor hot tubs we found that will warm up even the coldest of winter nights.

And hey, if you want to make things even hotter, you can always bring a friend.

1. Tamarack Townhomes — Snowmass, Colorado

2. Ski Portillo — Chile

3. Igloo Hot Tub — Swiss Alps

4. Cuomo's Cove — Windham, New York

5. Hot Tub Boats — Seattle, Washington

(Plan a trip here.)

6. Private Residence — Pine, Colorado

7. Chase Field — Phoenix, Arizona

(You'll have to wait until Opening Day in April, though.)

8. Equinox Resort — Manchester Village, Vermont

9. Orpheum Lofts Penthouse — Phoenix, Arizona

(Yes, apparently Phoenix, of all places, knows how to do hot tubs.)

10. Private Residence — Big Sky, Montana