31 Awesome Print Ads From The 1980s

Things were different in the 1980s. There were ads on television, of course, but the best ones were 2D and lived in Sports Illustrated or Cigar Aficionado. It was another time—one of questionable political incorrectness, a lack of hyperlinks that ended the conversation right then and there, and a bizarre sense of design. They played it fast and they played it loose.

This excellence in 1980s style print advertising ended with the rise of better photography and reproduction (when ads became more photo-based) but for that brief time, there were some pretty incredible creations that are a blast to look back on. Let's roll it back.

1. Converse All Stars

2. Chuck Norris Action Jeans

3. Back to the Future Battery-Powered Car

4. Apple Computer

5. Casio Synth

6. Fuji Team Fuji

7. Pregnancy Tests

8. WWF Nintendo

9. Star Wars: The Arcade Game

10. Sony Super Walkman

11. Anti-Home Taping PSA

12. Casio CZ-5000

13. Fisher Price Sportcar

14. Tempest Marine

15. Swatch

16. Clement Bike Tires

17. Bill and Ted For NES and Game Boy

18. Vectrex Graphic Computer System

19. Honeywell Email

20. Bud

21. Etonic Shoes

22. Chesterfield King

23. Job Cigarette Papers

24. The Dick Smith System 80

25. Vitalis Men's Healthcare

26. Chevy Camaro

27. Camel

28. Swatch

29. Porsche 924

30. Vantage Cigarettes

31. Visine

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He had a brief stint in the '80s, back in 1989. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.