10 Space-Saving Furniture Hacks For Your Tiny Apartment

If you live in a crowded city, square footage can be a more precious resource than water or oxygen. And while you may not have the three-level penthouse equipped with car elevator that you've always dreamed of, there are still ways to maximize your space without compromising on quality. Yes, your digs will still fit into a mid-western closet, but these 10 items will make the rat race more bearable.

1. 3Moods
The ultimate space-saving furniture set, this fully-funded Indiegogo campaign combines a bed, armchair, chaise lounge, dining table, desk, and four benches into one, streamlined package. The downside being you can no longer lie about not having room when your in-laws come into town.

2. Orwell 
But if your demanding visitors are whining about "personal space," set them up in their very own pillow fort. Sofa by day, a carefully concealed twin bed by night. [More...]

3. Terna LED Pendant Fan
For tiny kitchen nooks and home offices alike, this five-blade fan and ceiling lamp offers condensed cooling without compromising on power. 

4. "As If From Nowhere" 
What at first is just an oddly-hued wall of shelving...

...becomes a dining room set for four. And a coat of paint will take you from Crayola-chic to livable neutrals in no time. 

5. Nuovoliola
The issue with most Murphy-style beds is that once you stow it upward, you're left with empty space that requires lots of furniture re-arranging to fill it. When Nuovoliola is closed, however, its footboard turns into a shelf, and a two-seater sofa is revealed from underneath. 

6. Couch Arm Wrap
If a coffee or kitchen table are completely out of the question for your all-too-humble abode, a custom walnut arm rest offers up a sturdy place for food and drink that won't suck up square footage.

7. Knax Zjup
Perfect for those who A) can't squeeze in a proper shoe-rack, and B) are enamored enough with their footwear collection that they want it on full display at all times. 

8. Podpad Desk
Everything you need for an uber-efficient work station folds out of your wall, complete with built-in chargers for all your devices. BYO chair. [More...]

9MK1 Transforming Coffee Table
With the release of a hinge, this sleek wooden counter transforms from a low-height coffee table to 2.5ft tall kitchen top. Twice the dining options, half the space.

10. Doc Sofa Bunk Bed 
You just barely have your own bedroom, let alone a space for guests. So if you've got friends in town, this convertible number will take you from functioning (if jarringly bright) couch, to...

...bunk beds for two of your buds, without cluttering up the extra floor space like a typical a pull-out mattress.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. At just over 5 ft tall, some have referred to her as "space-saving." Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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