A 100-Square Foot House You Can Take Anywhere

There’s no denying how wonderful it would be to have a palatial weekend retreat at your disposal, but truthfully, all you really need to bank some treasured R&R is a spot away from it all with a roof overhead. Okay, and maybe a fireplace. And floor-to-ceiling windows.

Packing all those things into one neat and tidy minimalist, modern package is The Bunkie, an under-$25,000, 106-square foot crib you can set up pretty much anywhere.

Care to take a look inside?

There are four distinct prefab models to choose from, all of which come with a range of interior options. The most basic of the bunch is the Huron, a mostly opaque version with one tall glass window and door. The Deluxe Premier is the top of the line, sporting double glass walls on either end and a tall chimney-like roof detail, which accommodates the in-wall ethanol fireplace.  

Depth and width has been designed specifically to avoid the need for a building permit to put it up. The only prep required to soundly assemble the 8.5 x 12.5-foot structure is a simple foundation. 

They suggest one of three different methods: a concrete pad, sonotubes with pressure-treated wooden cross members, or grade beams. Once that’s in place, it takes just a couple days to transform the pre-assembled components into a finished mini-home. 

In keeping with the simplicity at the core of the project, the interior is hyper-minimalist. Standard in each are built-in shelving units and a queen-sized murphy bed, all of which are fashioned in maple-faced Purebond plywood and veneered paneling. 

That means you’ll have plenty of space to transition from bedroom to living room to dining room at a moment’s notice. However, you’ll want to make dining and hygiene arrangements beforehand, as these are not equipped to accommodate plumbing or running water setups. But hey, off the grid living is like, really trendy these days.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He enjoys getting away from it all, and also indoor plumbing.