This Gorgeous Floating Modern Home Has Parking On The Roof

Faced with a ridiculous set of circumstances while trying to build a home on a vacant lot of land, LA's Anonymous Design proves that when life gives you lemons, you really can make lemonade—or just completely flip the script and prepare champagne. The Car Park House in Echo Park, CA takes all the negative aspects of its location and transforms them into unforgettable architectural gold.

The lot the home is built on slopes down dramatically from the street, making most traditional design schemes impossible. Adding to the challenge, the building code of the area requires every home to have parking for at least two vehicles. Rather than giving up in the face of these problems, Anonymous Design embraced them, building the home into the natural slope to create a floating effect and making the rooftop parking the defining feature of the design.

All that ingenuity, complemented with a breathtaking view of the San Gabriel Mountains. If this ever hits the open market, we're moving in. 

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