The Most Drool-Worthy Homes Of The Week, 12/3/14

Another week, another opportunity to ogle some of the coolest interiors and exteriors around the world. This time you'll find a futuristic Chinese holiday home, a South African coastal hideout, and the most incredible sauna we've ever seen.

Tsubomi House

Tokyo, Japan
It may look large and airy, but the footprint for this space is incredibly only 280 square feet, divided into seven split levels with two separate staircases. The result is a calculated winding flow that tricks you into feeling like there's more room, and even provides a decent bit of privacy. Studio apartment dwellers, take note.


Nanjing, China
Clad in copper, this riverside holiday home was designed to be used as a work and living space for visiting artists, and is divided up into a handful of private suites. In keeping with the natural surroundings, nearly the entire interior (walls, floors, ceilings) is fashioned from local cherry wood, which glows beautifully under the remarkable lighting systems.

Landscape House

Zawiercie, Poland
A modern oasis in the middle of a region dominated by agriculture, this simplistic 2,300 square foot pad integrates awesome contemporary interior touches (stark white cathedral ceilings, wire staircase railings) with more traditional details on the exterior (stone, wooden trellises) to camouflage it amongst the more rustic surroundings. 

Grotto Sauna

Toronto, Canada
A far cry from the Playboy mansion's delipidated grotto, this spectacular spot—nestled inside a giant rock formation at the edge of a private island—provides the ultimate in rustic R&R. The 800-square-foot curved wood interior has all the trappings of a traditional sauna (coal basin, benches, etc.) plus a skylight and windows to take in the idyllic surroundings/give the wildlife a little peep show.

Silver Bay Villa

Shelley Point, South Africa
This incredible coastal home rests above a dune on the western coast of South Africa and takes in sweeping views of the beach and bay from nearly any point inside. If that's not enough to get you pumped, the amenities should. There's a rim-flow pool in a secluded courtyard to keep you protected from the wind, a huge kitchen designed to host epic feasts, and every single inch of the floor is heated. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would sell a kidney to have heated floors all winter long.