The Most Drool-Worthy Homes Of The Week, 1/14/15

It's a brand-spankin'-new week, and you know what that means: a fresh crop of beautiful buildings and interiors around the world to marvel at. This time around: stacked shipping crates in Ireland, a Brazilian slatted wood spectacle, and a rugged Dutch bachelor pad you've only dreamt about.

Casa Guna

San Pedro De La Paz, Chile
On the banks of a secluded lagoon in central Chile, this black concrete behemoth is neatly camouflaged amongst its idyllic natural surroundings. The digs feature a handful of uniquely angled staircases inside and out that evoke the look and feel of a reinterpreted ancient Central American temple.

h/t: Wallpaper

Garage Loft

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Once an old garage you'd be hesitant to hang out at, let alone sleep in, this place was totally overhauled by the folks at the Dutch design firm BRICKS. Not only did they flood it with light via a wall of windows and skylights, but also furnished the place with animal furs, warm leathers, retro-modern seating, and antique finds that make for one killer, sophisticated bachelor pad.

h/t Home Adore

CA House

Sao Paolo, Brazil
This jaw-dropping 9,500 square foot minimalist getaway outside the world's seventh most populous city brings the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living, with spacious rooms inside that seamlessly blend with a wraparound patio and infinity pool area. And judging by the setup featured in the main photo above, you'll pretty much be forced to come with excuses not to have parties here.

House VDV

Destelbergen, Belgium
Like some clandestine laboratory in the middle of the woods, this copper-clad two-story residence was intentionally designed to blend in with its surroundings, and will undoubtedly do just that as the copper oxidizes over time. Inside however, there's nothing secret to hide, only top-of-the-line touches like marble flooring and a trippy hyper-modern spiral staircase.
h/t Design Rulz

Grillagh Water

In stark contrast to the traditional modest cottages so often associated with the Irish countryside, this modern metallic dwelling was built using repurposed shipping crates. Though they're far from the decrepit lumps of metal you'd see at the shipyard, sporting clean facades and contemporary touches like glassed-in patios and a floating staircase.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He would do unspeakable things to have his own infinity pool.