The Most Drool-Worthy Homes This Week, 11/19/14

Another week, another crop of spectacularly designed interiors and exteriors from around the world. In this iteration, you'll find a cliffside African beach pad, glowing Van Gogh sidewalks, and an apartment built into a jumbo jet.

Nunnup Holiday House

Nannup, Australia
The architects of this backcountry getaway in southwestern Australia have likened the experience of walking through it to Jekyll and Hyde, thanks to the extreme changes in scenery (rolling hills vs dense forest) you get when looking through the space's windows. Add to that the floating effect you feel looking out from the front half and you get a mesmerizing residence that's equally tranquil and bizarre.

Spacious Airplane Apartment

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Situated beside the runway at Schiphol Airport, this temporary apartment has been set up by KLM Airlines for contest winners to stay in at the end of November. As a send-off before its retirement, the nearly 4,000 square foot jet has been stripped of most seats (they left a few in first class) and outfitted as a proper apartment, complete with a living room, master bedroom (with king sized bed), a children's bedroom, and 116 windows. Should you want to cook, you can take advantage of the existing two galley kitchens, and there's even a panoramic window into the cockpit, though unfortunately one of the few house rules is "No Flying."

Cove 3

Knysna, South Africa
This Bond-worthy hideout along the South African coast features floor-to-ceiling windows, a cantilevered patio, and an infinity pool out front (as seen in the main photo above) that'll make you feel like you're floating hundreds of feet above the water. Inside, the mid-century modern concrete, glass and wood aesthetic shares the same vibes as a certain fictional pornographer's pad, in the best way. And check out that spiral staircase. The world definitely needs more of those.

Studio Boot HQ

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Once a dilapidated old garage, this glass canopy-roofed, open-concept setup is now the wonderfully weird home to a Dutch design firm. With a wraparound mezzanine, a whole slew of colorful accents, and various secret spaces tucked away in corners and behind walls, it could easily be the next set in a Wes Anderson flick.

Van Gogh Bicycle Path

Nuenen, Netherlands
Proof that bike paths around the world could be a lot less creepy and a lot more psychedelic after dark, the designer behind Netherlands' solar-powered Smart Highways has unveiled his latest project: thousands of glowing solar-activated stones arranged along a bike path in patterns reminiscent of one-time-local Van Gogh's Starry Night. Let's face it, the Dutch have it figured out. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He'd pay good money to see a Wes Anderson/Terry Gilliam collab.