The Most Drool-Worthy Homes This Week, 11/26/14

Another week, another crop of spectacularly designed interiors and exteriors from around the world. This time, you'll find secluded modern masterpieces, a Spanish farmhouse's fantastic facelift, and a completely next-level catamaran.

Mukawa House

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Built as a Tokyo couple's pristine rural getaway, this modest one-story bungalow is surrounded by a grove of cherry trees, and enjoys views of Mt. Aikomagate and Mt. Yatsugatake from any interior vantage point. Inside, there are hardly any walls to separate the smoothly flowing spaces that serve to bring calm as you walk through; it's no doubt a wildly effective antidote to the bustle of a Tokyo workweek.

Flash Cat 67C

Set up like a penthouse apartment for the sea, this sexy two-tiered catamaran gives passengers a 360-degree view of their surroundings thanks to wraparound glass walls. Up top sits the cockpit, living and dining areas, kitchen, hot tub, and sundeck, while down below are the boat's six bedrooms with enough room to accommodate up to 12 overnight guests. Rising sea levels suddenly don't seem all that bad, eh?

Rehabilitation in La Cerdanya

Girona, Spain
This tastefully upgraded farm compound features a series of transformed and densely-packed aging smaller structures (formerly barns, a warehouse, stables, and a main house) that now function as one sprawling residence. It's decked out with several entertainment and dining areas (pictured in the main photo above), an incredible kitchen, and space for a whole party of overnight guests. The most impressive element, though, is the architect's merging of the rustic with the modern, retaining the charm of the original facade with the warmth of new wood and dramatic lighting installations.

Haus Hohlen

Dornbirn, Austria 
Originally built in 1961, this slopeside retreat was gutted and given a full concrete and natural wood makeover, bringing it gracefully into the 21st century. That, plus its patchwork of windows along every wall, give it the look and feel of a modern adult playhouse that's lording over the village down below.

Villa Lumi

Northern Finland
This 3,100 square foot winter retreat is hidden in the piney backwoods of Finland like some super clean, ultra-modern hibernating brown bear. Inside, it's divided into two floors, featuring grand cathedral ceilings on the upper level, and a whole mess of cool stuff down below, including a sauna, office, and outdoor kitchen. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and would have zero issues living on a luxe catamaran from here on out.