5 Houses That You'd Rob A Bank To Live In Right Now

There's no shame in daydreaming of an upgrade. For this round, we've got a modern mountain cabin in Quebec, a rural Australian escape pod, and a soap factory transformed into one of New York's coolest lofts. 

Boat House

Ontario, Canada
While it's too damn cold to have any fun hanging at this sprawling boat slip right now, it's a most idyllic getaway when the mercury creeps back to a more humane level. There's plenty of room for your boats, bikes, and other toys, but its greatest draws are probably the outdoor covered lounge, full kitchen, and bar. 

Bolton Residence

Quebec, Canada
Positioned as if it's teetering on the edge of a cliff, this 1,740 square foot rural getaway has its main floor cantilevered to the underneath garage. That setup gives the effect that you're floating amongst the trees as you stare out beyond the minimalist interior to the nearby Mount Orford and valley below. 

H/T: Design Milk

360 House

Oregon, USA
If you hadn't already guessed by its name, this glass-encased beachfront retreat on Arcadia Beach enjoys 360 degree views of the beach and ocean (and hot tub!) out front, as well as the forested wilderness in back, giving the sense that you're lounging outdoors without even stepping outside. If the weather's on your side, though, there are several wide sliding doors to soak in the fresh air.

Tribeca Loft

New York City, USA
Once a 19th Century soap factory, this spectacularly transformed residence is now a dream loft, filled with eclectic touches and a sense of enormity most New Yorkers would kill for. There's even a solarium that sits mezzanine-style above the main living room, which you pass through en route to the giant rooftop patio. 

Pod House

Melbourne, Australia
A bold, modern oasis in the middle of the woods, this open-concept retreat was fashioned from curved plywood, steel & glass, and practically glows once the sun goes down thanks to the floor-to-sloped ceiling orange interior that sits in stark contrast amidst the muted background of trees.

H/T: Design Rulz

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and sadly solarium-less.