The Emergency Guest House On Wheels

Having a separate, smaller house behind your main one to decamp to on demand would come in handy on oh so many occasions: unexpected guests, serious R & R, the occasional blowout with your significant other. Frankly, there are very few reasons not to have one. Thankfully, it's just become simpler than ever to score a getaway in the backyard with a handsome little number called the Güte Shepherd Hut.

Inspired by the traditional portable huts actual shepherds use while out with their flock, these fully customizable modern "mobile rooms" are produced by a family of craftsmen in Canada and can be fashioned into whatever extra space you may feel like adding to the backyard. Whether it's a writer's den, guest house, kids hangout, or above-ground sex dungeon, the possibilities are endless.

Each is only seven feet wide, but there's the choice between the 12-foot or 16-foot long version. You can also customize all colors inside and out, the roof and floor style, and nearly every other architectural element. Plus, rather than worry about having to track down a hodgepodge of fun-sized furniture, they've got you covered by installing everything you may want including bookcases, shelves, tables, seating, and even a bed.

Once finished (turnaround is roughly a month), the beautiful rig and everything inside arrives complete wherever you plan to park it. It can be easily towed elsewhere, too, just don't try schlepping it down the highway; it's not built for that much action.

While it's designed to be fully functional off the grid with a dry sink, hurricane lamps, and a tiny wood stove, there's also the option to have battery powered electrical outlets and switches integrated.

Let's face it, though, if you're not unplugging when you hang in here, you're blowing it.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor and foremost shepherd enthusiast at Supercompressor.