The Ultimate Cliffside Retreat

Like a front row seat at an epic IMAX nature movie, the Fall House on the southern coast of Big Sur sits 250 feet directly above the Pacific, offering ridiculous panoramic views of the cliffs and open water — enough to send any acrophobe into cardiac arrest.

Designed by San Francisco's Fougeron Architecture, the three-bedroom weekend home is composed of two long thin rectangular structures which are connected by an all-glass library, allowing it to hug the contours of the bluff in a way that doesn't interrupt the landscape — an important feature in an area so renowned for its natural beauty.

While the main house is anchored about 12 feet behind the bluff, it's narrow front deck is cantilevered, creating a floating sensation as you stare down through the glass walls. It's both beautiful and terrifying.

The two main wings are situated on different levels, with the wide-open upper piece housing the sprawling kitchen, living, and dining room.

No need for coffee to get amped in the morning. This view should be enough of a jolt.

The master bedroom on the lower level is really where it's at, though, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a private terrace.

The southernmost facade is clad in copper, which apart from looking super cool keeps it protected from the whipping wind and water it's constantly subjected to.

And considering the unexpected climate and temperature dips, a fire pit on the patio is crucial.

Drooling yet?

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's currently looking into squatters rights in California.