Dubai's Floating Luxury Homes Have Gorgeous Underwater Bedrooms

Dubai is certainly no stranger to ambitious real estate development. The city is home to the world's tallest building and a series of man-made islands arranged in the shape of the world. Hell, they even built an indoor ski resort. So it's not shocking that the latest luxury home craze there is a little unusual. Meet The Floating Seahorse, a fleet of luxurious floating villas whose lower levels are completely underwater. 

The 42 individual residences will float offshore from the Main Europe section of The World islands and sell for $1.8 million apiece. Though you'll need to act fast if you want in because according to the developer, 35 are already spoken for.

Each of the three floors are designed to provide sweeping views, with outdoor patios and floor-to-ceiling windows on both the sea and upper levels, which house the kitchen, dining/living areas, and a sizable sundeck complete with a glass-bottom Jacuzzi. Down below, the master suite is nestled inside a glass-walled cocoon where residents will be face-to-face with the coral reef and marine life as they sleep, bathe, and get dressed. 

To ensure tenants will be privy to kickass views and not just swaths of sea sludge, the developers plan to create an artificial reef—hospitable to actual seahorses and the like—beneath the floating neighborhood before it officially opens to tenants in 2017.

H/T Quartz

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