The Glass Yacht

Sure to have Russian oligarchs quivering in their designer deckboots, GLASS is taking the notion of megayachting to a whole new level with a fully-customizable water-worthy vessel that's basically a mirrored skyscraper set atop a flat, floating hull.

While it's still just a concept, it's understandably getting lots of attention. The foundation — outfitted with powerful engines and gliding on two hulls like a catamaran — provides over 5,600 square feet of buildable area (and that's just the first level!). This large rear staircase not only serves as a dramatic way to board, but can be alternately used to host amphitheater-like performances.

It's highest level (not counting the roof) would stand 46 feet high. Not a bad spot to take in the sunset. Or sunrise. Or wave at the plebes on shore.

Much like the oversized blocks this incredibly lucky rich toddler's chilling on, the different floors stack atop one another in the arrangement of your choosing like giant LEGOs. Not only does that mean construction is simpler, but it provides the opportunity to create some fascinating floating architecture.

Inside you have your pick of amenities. Though considering the available space, you probably shouldn't settle for less than two indoor swimming pools.

And since getting from deck to deck on such a huge vessel would be exhausting, there's a huge elevator in the center to take you, the crew, and the kitchen staff up and down.

Like any gigantic sea-faring vessel, it's just as comfortable a ride in the not-so-summery seasons. Though if you've got the bills to buy one you probably have better places to be then.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. When the big flood hits, he's headed for this thing.