The Keyboard Waffle Iron Has This Breakfast Shift On (Caps) Lock

Over seven years ago, designer Chris Dimino stole our hearts and stomachs when he turned a 1960s Coronamatic typewriter into a prototype waffle iron. Now, thanks to the good people at Kickstarter, this piece of Internet ubran lore could become a reality. Feast your eyes on the Keyboard Waffle Iron

Made of die-cast aluminum, this baby works on the stovetop and has heat-resistant handles to keep those precious typing fingers safe.


Just pour in any waffle mix of your choosing, and voila! An instant cure for heading back to work on Monday.

Seriously, why can't every keyboard be made of waffles? We'd be a stickier, but happier, society.

Ali Drucker is a syrup-covered staff writer for Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.