The Life-Sized LEGO Bus Stop.

This year, this beautiful year that is 2014, marks the 200th anniversary of mass transit in London. To celebrate, the city’s Transport for London management has declared this the “Year of the Bus,” as the city’s been highlighting various bits of bus culture over the course of the past six months. 

Its latest showcase has, as you can guess, really caught our attention: this bus stop you're looking at is comprised entirely of LEGO pieces. 100,000 of them, actually.

Every component of the bus stop on London’s famous Regent Street is made from LEGO, including the awesome plastic windows. Thankfully, the designers put smooth caps on the bench to prevent, um, discomfort.

They’ve even managed to include stops, schedules, and times with all the pixellated legibility of a 1990s stadium scoreboard.

The only things not made from plastic bricks are the bus route maps, which were glued in place. The stop is only temporary, of course, but until some hooligans knock it down with a cricket bat, it’s a fully functioning bus stop.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. The last time he rode a bus in London, he was still playing with LEGOs every day. Follow him to blocky designs on Twitter.